Do you start your day with a cup of coffee? Are you a coffee enthusiast, with a liking for black coffee or prefer adding creamer to make the coffee creamier and taste better? For those who prefer creamer with their coffee, FiberCreme™️ will be a good choice for you because it contains less sugar compared to ordinary creamer.
Our FiberCreme™️ can be used for cooking too! It can be a replacement to coconut milk, heavy cream for baking, sweetened condensed milk and etc. From baking to coffee, FiberCreme™️ transforms your favourite recipes with velvety, creamy goodness, just like milk or coconut milk, but is lighter and better for your health. Click here for more recipes with FiberCreme™️!
At FiberCreme™️, we believe that a better life begins with healthier choices. We want to help you replace the unhealthy ingredients in your food without compromising the taste.  FiberCreme™️ utilizes the good of oligosaccharides as fiber combined with healthy oils as a palatable functional ingredient. It has high fiber content, low sugar level and most importantly it is free from Lactose, Cholesterol, Trans Fat and Gluten. FiberCreme™️ is your answer to a tastier and healthier lifestyle.
Include FiberCreme™️ in your food and drinks to add fiber to your family’s diet and feel a positive change in your lifestyle.

Healthy can be delicious with FiberCreme™️.